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Entry Fees

Per run Open                          $90

Per run Pronovice                  $55

Per run Nursery                     $45

Per run Pronovice/Nursery  $60

There are 2 open trials (hill field and flat field), 2 nursery trials and only 1 pro novice trial.  Each open trial will be run over a day and a half.


Example:  If you are running a pronovice/nursery dog with a second nursery run, it's a combined total of $95. Two nursery only runs are $80. 


Open                               Cash, awards, ribbons

Pronovice                       Cash, ribbons 

Nursery                          Ribbons 


Entry opens February 1st and close February 17th.  We encourage you to use the online entry form but a paper entry form will be provided.  The online entry  link will not be available until 9am PST on the 1st of February 2024. When filling out the form, do not use any automatic filling as it will populate your name where the dogs' names are to go. 

Your information needs to be typed over the "Your answer" words...if you click there you can start typing.


Please select "none" on the "open dog" entry fields if you don't have a second and/or third dog to enter.  For pro nov/nursery, click "none" on all "open dog" entry fields.

When you are done entering click "submit" at the bottom.  You'll then get what looks like a blank screen....scroll to the top and if there's a short thank you message your entry has been recieved.  On the 2nd, an "accepted entry list" will be posted.

We will ask for payment once the draw has been done and we know who's in and who is on the wait list.  Payment can be taken via PayPal (once we invoice you for your runs) or via check.   Payment must be received before your first run in any class.

If you have issues with the form, please email Heather and she will help you. 

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